Why is Rally the right Bolt alternative for you?

When it comes to helping large ecommerce stores, Bolt originally looked great. Its fraud prevention, identity and account features were highly valued in the enterprise world.

But, they aren't the only ones with these features anymore. With their recent price increase and major limitations to their design choices (ie. their lack of discretion around their own Bolt checkout button vs express payment options your customers actually care about), it's no wonder that you're here looking for an alternative to Bolt.

If your store would benefit from a high-converting checkout with one-click purchases, fraud and chargeback protection, all the payment integrations you need, and a unique way to increase your AOV on average 14%, then Rally is the perfect solution.

You can plug it into your existing platform or build fully headless with Rally as the checkout layer in your stack.

Rally vs Bolt

While Bolt has done some improvements in the UX for their ecommerce checkout experience, their focus on their own brand growth and bottom line has limited the dedicated time and resources that they could probably be spending on on your account and solving additional complex problems.

Just like Fast before them, in their quest for rapid growth, they are increasing their prices, shifting their focus away from what's best for your brand, and ensuring they put their brand ahead of your stores success. Thus leading to a lot of customers leaving their platform and many others looking for alternatives to Bolt.

And maybe you're one of them.

So let's make the argument for you: Rally’s focus is not on growth of our business at all costs but on increasing conversion rates and AOV for your business. Whether you're a solo founder or have a team with you.

Both Bolt and Rally offer a 1-click checkout through their proprietary merchant networks. Each network includes a fee but Rally's is far less expensive, includes white glove onboarding and continuing support services regardless of your store size, and is able to make it worth your while.

Returning customers help ecommerce brands like yours grow and the 1-click checkout helps improve your conversion rates. But you can do more with your checkout. The best part, Rally’s additional frictionless Post-Purchase Offers (PPOs) feature helps you increase your Average Order Value . Could a Bolt customer show a 16% revenue increase in less than 90 days?! Yea, we don't think so.

Both Bolt and Rally offer fraud protection and chargeback guarantee options. For Bolt, this is set in stone, however with Rally, you can choose if this is right for you and your stores needs. Once again - putting your store needs first over our bottom line.

Upgrading your checkout system is not a quick decision, and we understand this.

With the help of Rally’s team, you get custom onboarding with your customer success manager, product manager, and developer all dedicated to your store. You are even able to A/B test your new Rally checkout with your standard checkout so you can see how effective we really are. And if you're ready for it, you can be live in 24 hours. Now you get the peace of mind of knowing that your entire checkout environment and experience is bullet-proof. Even before launch.

Top 4 reasons ecommerce leaders choose Rally over Bolt for their checkout experience

Rally helps you with what you care about most: Making sure you convert as many shoppers as possible through a smooth checkout experience. Without breaking the bank.

Here’s why customers are switching from Bolt to Rally for their checkout solution.

Conversion focused

A less clunky, more streamlined experience

The average cart abandonment rate is 69.57%. This means that 2 out of 3 users still choose to abandon their purchase.

Studies by Bymard institute confirm that with simple changes in page layout, form features, and improvements in microcopy, ecommerce sites could increase conversions by 35%.

Bolt’s checkout UI is guilty of some critical UX flaws.

For starters the popup layout is disruptive for the user. The more you can keep them on a linear experience, the better. Without mentioning the potential responsive issues with overlays. And what if there's popup blockers? Definitely not a good experience for the customer.

The multi-column layout across the mobile shopping experience in Bolt is hard to understand for the user and makes for a clunky experience.

Bolt also adds even more friction to the processes by not allowing users to edit fields without having to navigate back again. Talk about frustrating!

Rally was designed with conversion optimization and UX best practices in mind.

The layouts are clean and on a single column for mobile optimized checkouts and two-column checkout for desktop optimized purchases. Each of these are shown to shoppers based on their device type which helps increase conversions, something Bolt can't do given the modal and the experience on mobile where soooo much traffic comes in.

The Rally checkout also allows for quick editing and doesn't have any pop ups, making the entire experience one with your site. Plus, fields collapse once filled out, allowing users to truly simplify their work and limit scrolling.

Each separate step is still clearly understandable and a breeze to complete.

Rally Pay Network

1-click checkout across platforms and processors

With 35% of online shoppers using digital wallets like PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Rally is proud to integrate with these (and more) wallet services to your store! In fact, we're so proud of our multiple payment integration options that we put them in easy-to-read boxes at the top of your checkout instead of hiding them with small icons that are hard to find.

There’s always an added layer of potential complexity and trust issues when it comes to offloading payment and the whole checkout process to a third party, however, you can rest assured that our team has you covered.

Bolts joining fee of 1% on top of their payment processing might be prohibitive for a business like yours.

While maintaining a network of shoppers worldwide can't be free, there are ways to help customers absorb the fee with extra value.

In addition to charging half of what Bolt asks and not requiring your store to have a minimum GMV threshold, we also allow you to offer native post-purchase offers (PPOs) to increase your AOV straight away.

You get a 1-click checkout that fits into your business and website like a glove, converts more, and is a more profitable investment than any alternative.

Post-Purchase Offers

Meet users where they are and increase revenue on average 14%

While repeat purchases are great, and both Bolt and Rally Pay networks really help with those, there’s a truly underrated part of the checkout process that has been overlooked so far.

What happens between the checkout page and order confirmation page usually? Nothing. Which is good, to guarantee a smooth and frictionless buying experience.

But what if users could seamlessly accept or decline an offer for an additional product, after their initial purchase with the click of a button AND it wouldn't compromise the initial sale EVER?

That’s what Rally’s Post-Purchase Offers feature allows you to do. And what other checkout solutions fail to do well.

Because Rally reuses the payment token generated on the checkout page, accepting an offer is just 1-click away for the user.

Your ability to increase AOV is only limited by your imagination. For example you can offer complementary products, reward loyal customers with discounts, introduce new product lines and even promote subscriptions.

All ways to make sure your customers stay and purchase more. Without any friction along the way.

Done-with-you integration

Setting you up for success so you don’t have to guess

Let’s face it. Completely replacing your current checkout stack and flow is not a thing you ‘just do’ – it takes planning to get it right.

And you might be wondering what the integration process is like.

There might be things to discuss, test and potentially change. And we make sure to take to guarantee a smooth transition. In fact, the long and complex implementation process is one of the major issues for Bolt’s customers when you look at their reviews.

And we feel them.

At Rally, we learned that setting you up for success immediately, rather than launching your new checkout into the wild without help, is a much smarter and safer approach for everyone.

That’s why when you sign up, and until you’re live and selling, we always offer help with any testing, a launch strategy, and implementation advice. And your free trial doesn't start until you are ready to hit the Go Live button. That means we can help you iterate and test without any fear of "running down the clock".

We know that the time spent doing things right will make up for the unwanted issues down the line.

Get a flexible, more profitable, conversion optimized checkout experience your shoppers love and come back to

  • Upgrade to a truly conversion optimized checkout
  • Get a more profitable 1-click checkout solution
  • Increase AOV with frictionless post-purchase offers
  • Ensure your checkout success with our team’s help