Employee Wellness Challenges

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10 Fun Employee Wellness Challenge Ideas

  • Bike-2-Work Challenge: Encourage your employees to get healthy and go green at the same time! Earn points for biking to work or for biking for recreation.
  • Location vs. Location Throwdown Challenge: Pick two or more locations, offices, or just different buildings on a campus and encourage natural rivalry in the name of fun!
  • New Kid On The Block Challenge: Help new employees get integrated into your company: mix them up with current employees or wellness champions into teams of 4-6. Steps, exercise or multi-point wellness challenges work well here.
  • Howdy Partner! Challenge: Have you taken on a new supplier, new client or business partner? Create a challenge by mixing up both populations for a team-building challenge.
  • Eat, Drink, Sleep, Move: Variety is the spice of life. Let your employees earn points for eating well, sleeping well, and getting their move on!
  • Amazing Pace Challenge: Create a multi-leg challenge with steps as the core component. Add a new activity for each leg, for example climbing stairs, exercising or sleeping.
  • Community Challenge: Corporate volunteering can benefit the community, the business and the individual employee. Let employees team up and earn points for volunteering their time.
  • Team Building Challenge: Launch a step or exercise challenge a week or two leading up to an off-site. Let the teams rally on the last day and celebrate the challenge when you get together.
  • Executive Exercise Challenge: Engage your executives as a team in a company-wide challenge. Let employees form teams of 8-12 to take them on!
  • Single Function Challenge: Get your entire functional team together for a single or multi-week challenge. Assign people to teams to mix it up and break up the usual cliques.

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