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The most powerful, untapped resource in any company doesn’t need to be acquired…

it needs to be unlocked.

The First High Performance Platform For The HR Suite

Rallyon is replacing tired health and wellness programs. By enhancing the physical, mental and emotional performance of each employee, we’re unlocking the human potential in your organization. Maintaining health care costs may be your goal – but as you shift to performance, you’ll see that’s only the beginning…

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Rallyon Health wellness platform increases the performance of your business

Everything You Need To Create A High Performance Employee

To change your company’s DNA, you need to work at the individual level. That’s why we’re designing systems that adapt to each person intimately. By aligning personal and business goals, Rallyon creates meaningful workplaces, bringing a new era of personalized performance to the workplace.

Rallyon Health wellness platform decreases the healthcare costs of your business

A Sustainable Way To Control Healthcare Costs

Through Rallyon’s unique technology and processes, you’ll see long term, systemic changes in the mental, physical and emotional health of your employees. Maintaining health care costs may be your goal – but as you start unlocking the human potential in your organization, you’ll see that’s only the beginning…

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What Makes Us Different

Creating systemic change is not easy. Gamification, marketing and education have their place, and we dig deeper to give you the results you need. That’s why our team is leveraging the best of Intrinsic Motivators and Contemplative Science to create Rallyon – the first high performance platform for the HR suite.

 Contemplative Science

 Intrinsic Motivators

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Can I use you for 2015? Or can I start midyear?

Both. We merge data from vendors and programs you’re using, to ensure all incentives for the fiscal year are tracked in Rallyon. Regardless of when you join us, we’ll track, merge and deliver the final report to the right place at the right time.

Are The Plans Affordable?

Yes! People are expensive. Vendors shouldn’t be. All 3 of our plans are built for the budget conscious partner.


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Let’s just say this… it’s rude to keep someone waiting. (We respond to all requests within 48 business hours. It’s usually closer to 2.)